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How to Plant Herbs To Make Your Garden Look Nice

How to Plant Herbs To Make Your Garden Look Nice

How to Plant Herbs To Make Your Garden Look NiceIf you want to grow healthy and tasty plants in your home, you will just need a few pots. The thing is creating an herb garden is not difficult to job to do. Most people falter because of lack of knowledge. So, in this article, we are going to share the best tips to plant herbs so that you can make your own garden at your home. Let’s have a quick look at the article and get to know the tips.

  1. You should start with a plan: The very first thing you have to do to plant herb is you must have a plan. You can start with a theme. For example – you can make a culinary herb garden or a medicinal herb garden. It doesn’t matter which theme you choose, you should consider your need. Therefore, you should start browsing your internet and go through numerous herb website to collect as much as information you need.
  2. You should choose the site: Now, you should select the site in which you will grow herb plants. The perfect site to grow herb is a sheltered and sunny site where the sun will reflect light regularly. Also, make sure the site is in either a north or east facing position. In that way, you could easily pick up the herb plants or take care of them when necessary.
  3. You should select a design: Many people don’t care about the design of the garden but it is one of the significant aspects of an herb garden. For instance – a formal herb garden requires straight lines and geometric shapes where all the elements are arranged around a central axis. On the other hand, an informal herb garden needs flowing lines with curved beds and walkways, bringing an aesthetic effect on the herb plants.
  4. How to Plant Herbs To Make Your Garden Look NiceYou should pick your herbs: At this stage, you should be creating a list of the herbs you want to grow in your garden. After that, you will go to a local garden center and fine-tune your list to ensure the list includes the herb plants you wish to grow. Your list can include five to ten herb plants as it will be a good number to start with. In addition, you can classify them according to their heights and lifespan as it will help you adjust your planning effectively.
  5. You should prepare the site: Since you have done making your plan including choosing the site and creating a list of the herb plants, you should now start preparing the site for growing herb plants. Initially, you can clear and level the area and lay pathways. You can also put any other hard landscapes such as birdbaths, fountains, walls in place, and arches. What’s more, you should now prepare the ground for the herbs by digging the soil up to 30cm. The final task for the preparation would be to condition the soil, which you can do by mixing compost and other organic material. Lastly, you should rake smooth and water the ground and leave it overnight to settle.
  6. You should set out the herbs: The final task of growing herb plants in your garden would be setting them out in the definitive positions. Note that when you are positioning them, you must maintain a certain space in between the herbs. You can calculate the space by measuring the height and spread of the plants. In this way, you could keep enough room for each of the plants.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is when you are growing herbs, you should water them regularly. In fact, it would be perfect if you water them deeply and less frequently. So, let us know what you think of the above tips by commenting below.