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Home Security Cameras: A Powerful Tool to Keep your Family Safe

Home Security CamerasWe all know that security cameras are an essential element for dealing with burglars. With the sight of a security camera, the thieves might get scared off and ultimately, it is a powerful and effective tool to protect your home from an unwanted entrance.

With that said, if your home is protected by home security cameras, you can rest assure that your life will be a lot easier than said. So, let’s read more and know about home security cameras in detail.

How to buy the right home security cameras?

When you are thinking of buying a home security camera, you have to decide whether buying single pieces of cameras would be good or the bundled package will be more effective. Keep in mind that if you buy every piece individually, it might be expensive. On the other hand, the bundled package would be lot cheaper options. Usually, you should at least buy 1-3 cameras, one digital video recorder DVR, proper wiring, and power cords.

  1. Basic Home Security:To set up a basic home security camera, you will need a package with two to three outdoor cameras for monitoring the doors. Aside from this, you will also buy a DVR with a minimum three days of recording time.
  2. Monitoring the Young Children:For observing the young children, you have to buy one to three indoor wireless cameras. It will allow you to have an effective home security system that will also cover a small room properly. Also, you will get videos streamed to your computer rightly.

How to install home security cameras in your home?

In order to install a home security camera in your home, you have to follow some steps. These steps are as follows:

  1. Select an elevated and broad angle for the camera

Typically, the perfect angle for any room is looking down from the corner where the ceiling meets the walls. This is why you need to ensure that you can see all entries and exits properly. Also, make sure that the camera is close to a power outlet. For a word of advice, if you want to mount a camera outside, you need to place it 10 feet above from the ground. It will allow the camera to hold its place tightly.

  1. Mount the camera to the wall

The most appropriate way to mount a camera is screw it in because it will ensure that your camera is safe for a long time. Though, you would also see that cameras do come with sticky pads that will help in keeping the camera to the wall. As a result, you should consider mounting your camera while screwing it in. Here are some effective tips for mounting a camera to the wall –

  • First do the mounting in your desired location.
  • While using a sharpie, create the marks on the wall where every screw would go in.
  • Next make a hole for every screw by using an electric drill.
  • Now, hammer in some molding pins and screw the mount to the wall.
  • Finally, just put the camera to your preferred angle.
  1. Connect the camera to a power source

Almost every camera is equipped with a power adaptor, which plugs an ordinary wall socket. Now, plug the round end into the power input on the back of the camera. Also, plug the other end to the outlet.

  1. Connect the wired camera to the DVR

Home security cameras are connected by using a BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connection. The reason for using this connection is that the BNC cables are simple-to-use and they are similar on both sides. With that being said, you need to plug them to the suitable port and turn a small nut on the end to lock the camera in place. Finally, just plug one end to the camera’s “Output” and the other one to the DVR “Input” ports.

  1. Connect the wireless camera to the computer

Typically, the wireless cameras are provided with a software disc, which you have to install to see your feeds. To get access to your cameras, you have to follow the on-screen instructions. Keep in mind that a few cameras are equipped with a small receiver, which connects the computer by a USB port. So, ensure that it is appropriately attached. If you are staying at a remote place, you can still view your camera. Just write down the IP address of the camera and typed this number into the web browser for seeing your camera from a distant place.

  1. Link the monitor to the DVR

Likewise the previous connection (wired camera to the DVR), it also utilizes a BNC cable. However, a few DVRs can be connected by HDMI cables or coaxial cables. So, it depends on your preferred connection and after you have decided your connection, just link one part to the DVR’s port and the other to the monitor’s input.

  1. Troubleshoot for potential connection problem

In the last step, you will troubleshoot for any potential problem. First, start with checking the camera, DVR, and monitor to make sure that they are hooked up to the power supply properly. Also, ensure that all the cables are attached securely and the inputs for the DVR and monitor are ideal.

Wired vs. Wireless – Which one is best?

Wired and wireless cameras have different characteristics. Usually, a wireless camera is more flexible and more discrete than a wired camera. People can install the wireless camera anywhere in the home. But this type of camera has some flaws as well because the camera is based on wireless internet and it can affect the signal significantly. In fact, you can lose a few minutes or hours or days of recording time for this disruptions.

On the other hand, the wired cameras are more complex and harder to install. They are less discrete and can be weighty as well as unattractive. But these cameras are capable of providing a clear picture with reliable service. They are ideal for new constructions where the wires can be attached into the walls. In short, you can install a wired camera as part of a complete home security system.

Wirelss Trail Camera

Another option for wireless cameras is to use a wireless trail camera (read reviews here ) which is a cheaper more flexible option. Many have opted for the use of trail cameras for security lately with big improvement in the technical specifications in recent months. The ability to have images sent to the phone is one of the features people look after. Keep in mind that a trail camera is meant to track animal movement and or in most cases cameras used to help hunters track game so there are many different options to go for and in recent years the technology has become excellent which means they are not only meant to track game but have moved more into the market for home security as well.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is buying a good home security camera is the perfect way to keep the family and property safe. It will keep your home secure from unwanted intruders entering your home. So, you just need to choose between wired and wireless home security systems to ensure that you and your family are well protected!